The Best External Blu Ray Drive to Buy in 2023

Do you want to stream music, watch movies, or transfer data in blu ray format? Worry not! We have listed our picks for the best external blu-ray drive to narrow down your choices.

Table of Contents

  • Can work on Windows and Mac OS
  • 3D player support with 4K quality
  • It can be powered by type C or USB
  • A larger storage capacity and faster reading speed
  • Has error correction abilities and a type C interface
  • Compatible with laptops, desktops
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Fitted with two concealed wire grooves on the bottom
  • It has anti-slip rubber feet
  • The connector is too short
  • The eject button has compliance issues.

First on the list is the External Bluray DVD Drive, MthsTec USB 3.0, and Type-C. This thin and lightweight device has a large burning capacity of 8.5G, 4.7G, and 700M, with reading speeds of 6x, 8x and 24x for Blu-ray, DVD, and CD, respectively.

Moreover, the interface has a good error correction ability with 5 Gbps. It also produces a lower noise and consumes less power than most drives.

Not only that, but it has wide working compatibility. You can use it with desktops as well as laptops with Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac OS.

It also supports a 3D player and can play videos of high clarity and 4K quality.

Additionally, the top is fitted with a blue light that flashes when there’s a disk in the burner. This MathsTec external drive can read and burn CDs, DVDs, and BDs.

Furthermore, it does not require any additional power supply other than a Type C or a USB. On the back, there are two wire grooves for storing the cable connectors along with anti-slip rubber feet for stability and durability.

Lastly, the body of the drive has an eject button, so there’s no need to install additional drivers on your system. Overall, it is simple to use.

  • Provides extensive data backup
  • Includes USB Type A and Type C cables
  • Provides extensive storage options
  • 13 mm thin and lightweight
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • It comes with USB 2.0 and Type C cables
  • Can work with android devices
  • DISC encryption II for security and password controls.
  • Writing speed of 8x and 24x
  • Doesn’t have correction abilities
  • Some customers faced issues with the Mac system

Number 2 is the Asus ZenDrive U9M. It is only 13mm thick and extremely lightweight so that you can conveniently store and transport it.

Moreover, the U9M drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Not only that, but the device has two cables; one for the USB 2.0 and the other for the Type C

Perhaps the best feature of this Asus ZenDrive is the DISC Encryption II that allows password controls and the functionality for hidden files.

Additionally, it has a Nero BackItUp function for Android to store all of your photos, videos and files securely. Simultaneously, the M-DISC allows archive-style storage of your photos and data for over 1000 years.

In addition, it has a simple three-step burning process for Windows. Simply click, drag and burn. And it is one of the few USB C DVD drives available on the market.

Furthermore, the ZenDrive comes with a DVD Suite disc which contains useful programs like Backup 2.5, Power2Go 8, Nero BackItUp and the E-green. These programs can be used to make the most out of the U9M drive.

Lastly, the device doesn’t require any extra driver installation. Simply plug it in, and the drive is ready for use.

  • Works without  noise
  • Allows 100GB storage capacity
  • Offers storage, transfer, and playback capabilities.
  • Support for USB 3.0 and M-DISC for convenient, long-term storage.
  • Comes with a power cable as well as a USB 3.0 cable.
  • A strong aluminum build for durability
  • A 16x burning speed for the Blu-ray
  • Compatible with both Mac OS and Windows
  • Supplied with a 1-year limited Warranty
  • Can develop problems with Mac compatibility
  • Low quality

Moving on, we present to you the LG OWC Mercury Pro 16X Blu-ray. It is a desktop optical drive made from aluminum with an external blu-ray burner.

Moreover, this device is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and later, as well as Windows XP and later versions. The burning speed of the Mercury Pro is 16x, while the writing speed is 12x.

Not only that, but the drive comes with support for USB 3.0 and M-DISC to store your photos, videos, documents and other types of data for the long term without any worry.

The M-DISC has an inorganic material proprietary layer that stores data permanently and protects it from any loss or degradation for up to 1000 years.

Additionally, the package includes a 24-inch USB 3.0 cable and an external power cable for seamless data transfer and power supply.

It doesn’t require installing drivers and software to function properly. All you need to do is plug it into a power source, and you’re good to go.

Lastly, this Mercury Pro Blu-ray external drive comes with a limited 1-year warranty by OWC.

  • A 4MB buffer size
  • A slot-loading smooth system
  • Fitted with PowerRead, Auto Quiet, and PureRead2+
  • The drive supports BDXL quad layer and triple layer formats
  • A 6x speed for reading and burning
  • Support for USB 3.0 and 2.0
  • Comes with 156% more capacity for data storage
  • Lower power consumption
  • A sleek and lightweight style
  • The cable is too short
  • Inconsistent burning

Next up is the Pioneer BDR-XS06 Super Slim Slot external drive. This slim insert drive and portable drive is an excellent choice for those who want some additional features with the regular drive.

It features support for Windows XP, SP3, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. While on the Mac OS, it can support the version from X 10.6 to 10.11.

Moreover, the drive has a BDXL 128GB Quad layer and a 100GB triple-layer for the blu-ray media. It can offer a maximum burning speed of 6x and a reading speed of 6x.

Not only that, but it features a buffer size of 4MB along with interfaces for USB 3.0 as well as 2.0.

The BDR-XS06 has the backward capability and 156% more capacity for storage as compared to other drives. It has a PowerRead option that provides smooth playback for movies even when the disk has scratches and fingerprints.

Additionally, AutoQuiet has the ability to adjust the rotation speed of the disk to reduce noise. While the PureRead2+ has an automatic adjustment ability to lower the sound glitches during music playback. An added plus is that these options can be configured and disabled as per your requirements.

The driver also minimizes the power consumption and makes it an eco-friendly device.

Lastly, it comes with a 30-day return policy and a one-year limited warranty on the parts and the labor.

  • A reasonably priced drive
  • Sleek, lightweight, and portable 
  • Low Power consumption
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Playback, writing, and reading support for all optical media.
  • Comes with a 4MB buffer and a USB 3.0 connection
  • Options for the additional port of USB 2.0
  • It has a burning speed of 6X and a writing speed of 4X
  • 250GB single layer and 50GB dual-layer support.
  • The build quality is flimsy.
  • The additional software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Now we have the Pioneer Slim BDR-XD05 External Blu Ray Drive. Like many others, this is also compatible with Mac OS 10.6 to 10.12 and Windows XP, SP3, 7, 8, and 10.

Moreover, the drive features a reading speed of 6x and a writing speed of 4x for optical media and a 250 GB single layer support and 50GB for double-layer support.

It also offers a wide range of acceptable playback formats, so you can select one that fits your requirements.

Additionally, using a USB 3.0 connection, the device can work with Windows and Mac OS along with a buffer option of 4MB. The drive also has backward compatibility with a USB 2.0.

Another built-in USB port is available on this device to provide stability while working in conjunction with the first port when a USB 2.0connection is made.

Furthermore, this reasonably priced drive is eco-friendly as it offers low power consumption with smaller packaging to save resources.

Lastly, it comes with multiple modes such as the Auto Quiet Mode, PureRead2+, and PwerRead, which keeps the noise down, detects scratches on your CD and skips them.

  • Cable with integrated USB 3.0 and Type C connector.
  • Lightweight with shock resistance.
  • Compact design that can fit in your laptop bag.
  • Doesn’t need any external drivers, uses an eject button.
  • Supports SD and TF cards along with 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • Can work with laptops and desktop systems
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Display output of 4K for playing media
  • SD and TF cards can not operate at the same time.
  • It has a limit of 50G on HD blu-ray movies.

Next, we’ll highlight the 5 in 1 External Bluray DVD Drive features, USB3.0/Type-C by Wintale.  This five-in-one blu-ray drive can perform a number of tasks.

This drive has slots for SD and TF cards to copy and move files, music, movies, and other data to your system.

Moreover, it comes with two ports for the USB 3.0 that can recognize flash drives, mouse, keyboard, phone, and hard drive. They are compatible with USB C/3/0/2.0/1.0, like a USB Hub.

Not only that, but the design of the cable is also unique as it features Type Cand, the USB 3.0 connector combined in one cable.

Additionally, there is no need to install external software and drivers as the body features an eject button for a quick unmount.

Furthermore, the Blu-ray drive is compatible with laptops as well as desktop PCs with MAC OS and Windows Me, XP, 7, 8, and 10.

Besides, the Wintale drive offers modest reading and writing speeds for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. The blu-ray function, however, needs specific software to work on your system.

Lastly, it offers a 50G limit on the HD-blu-ray function for playing videos in 4K so that you can enjoy your movies, music videos, as well as educational videos in the best quality.

  • Noise reduction during playback from the disc
  • Doesn’t require any external power source
  • Can work with laptops and PCs
  • Playback support for 3D/UHD for blu-ray
  • It has support for Windows as well as Mac OS X
  • Offers connection via USB 2.0 port
  • Can read damaged discs
  • Connection with a mini USB cable
  • A compact and lightweight construction
  • Some customers had issues with Mac compatibility
  • Doesn’t come with sufficient instructions

Now we’ll review an industry favorite brand, LG. The LG BP60NB10 Best for Blu-rays external drive has been applauded by many for its great features and compatibility.

It offers connections via a USB 2.0 port and offers compatibility with a variety of disk formats such as DVD, CD, BD, and RAM.

Not only that, but it offers additional features such as BDXL, which can work with high-capacity Blu-ray disks that require large storage.

Moreover, the M-DISC offers solutions for storing optical data permanently in a reliable manner as compared to other products on the market.

Silent Play controls the reading speed of the disc and reduces the noise while being processed. And the Jamless Play, which has the ability to skip damaged parts on a disc, offers a seamless playback experience.

Furthermore, the drive can work with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP, and Vista. It is also compatible with the Mac OS X. The connection is made from a mini USB cable directly to your computer without any additional power source requirements.

Lastly, the LG drive can connect with your laptop as well as your PC and is manufactured in a lightweight, slim design that makes it easy to transport and store.

  • Features a clamshell design for convenience
  • Offers support for the BDXL CyberLink software
  • Slim, lightweight, and compact
  • Offers 24x writing and reading speeds
  • Has a built-in USB 3.0 port
  • Comes with noise-canceling features during playback
  • Power is supplied through the chord, and no external source is required.
  • Blu-ray burning speed of 6x
  • Offers buffer data of 4 MB
  • The BDXL support is not good
  • This drive is not durable in the long run

Another product from Pioneer on our list is the BDR-XD05B external drive. Like other pioneer drives, this one also offers plenty of good features.

First of all, the disc offers a writing and burning speed of 24X for the CD drive. For the Blu-ray, the burning speed is 6x and 8x for DVD, which is pretty fast.

Additionally, the drive has a built-in USB 3.0 port which is significantly faster than the commonly used 2.0 ports.

Not only that, but it doesn’t require any external power supply. It can be powered through a USB port. It can also store more data with a 50GB dual-layer and a 128 GB quad-layer.

This drive has smart features such as the quiet mode, which adjusts the processing speed to lower noise. It offers high speeds for data transfer and lower speeds for playback.

Moreover, for a smooth music and movie experience, the drive can skip the scratches and fingerprints on the disc. At the same time, it re-reads the rejected data to maintain originality as much as possible.

Besides that, the drive offers support for a wide range of media including, but not limited to movies, music, files, and data.

Lastly, it is eco-friendly by reducing power consumption and packaging size. So that is another plus point.

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • A sleek, black aluminum brushed casing
  • No additional drivers required for operation
  • 6x and 2x reading speed for data and media, respectively
  • Works with a USB 3.0 cable as well as USB 2.0
  • 8x writing speed for the blu-ray
  • It comes with a customized bundle of CyberLink Media OEM suite
  • It can be used for gaming as well
  • Can work on laptops and PCs
  • Can’t correct defective Blu-ray discs 
  • Can have problems with the software functions

Archgon is known for making good quality products, and the MD-3102S-U3 blu-ray drive is no different. 

It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac OS 8.5 onwards. It can also work with tablets such as Surface Pro 3 by connecting to a USB Hub.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in combo drive using Panasonic’s Blu-ray reader and writer. It also comes bundled with CyberLink Media Suite OEM for Windows. This suite enhances playback speed.

Additionally, it can offer a speed of 6x for reading data and 2x for other forms of media. The blu-ray reading speed is 6x, which is faster than other options.

Furthermore, the Archgon drive can work with laptops and PCs without any additional drivers and software installation.

Not only that, but this drive is enclosed in a sleek black aluminum brushed line casing with rounded corners. That’s why it is portable and can easily fit anywhere in your backpack.

Lastly, one of the best features of this drive is that it can be used for gaming. So if you’re a gamer looking for a drive that can deliver the best performance without compromising the quality, this is the best option for you.

  • Silent play feature for noise cancellation
  • M-Disc option for better storage
  • Offers Jamless smooth playback
  • Features the new SUPERSPEED USB 3.0
  • 5 Gbps data transfer speed
  • 3D Blu-ray conversion and playback option
  • More data storage with BDXL discs
  • Writing speed of 16x for BD-R disc
  • Can write and read different formats
  • It has some issues with disc recognition
  • Not compatible in the long run

We close our list with another LG drive. This time, it’s the BE16NU50 External Blu-ray Writer. It offers a three-layer 100 GB capacity and a 128GB of quad-layer capacity.

Moreover, it is fitted with the new Superspeed USB 3.0 port, which offers ten times faster processing speeds as compared to a standard 2.0 port. It can transfer at a rate of 5 Gbps that allows simultaneous data transfer.

Not only that, but it features a BD-DVD 3D ver software that allows 2D to 3D conversion of blu-ray titles with ease so you can enjoy your favorite movies in 3D.

Additionally, it is compatible with different disc formats without any additional software. It can also work with Windows OS 10.

Furthermore, it offers superior protection for your data with M-Disc technology. It uses a patented rock-like surface for recording to store your data for longer periods.

Besides that, it has an option for Silent Play which adjusts the processing speed according to different media formats to deliver a noise-free performance.

Not only that, but it also features a Jamless playback option. This smooths out any damages on your disc, such as fingerprints or scratches that distort the media. This feature uses advanced technology to skip and smooth out the damages and deliver seamless playback.

That’s why it can offer 16x writing speeds along with more storage on the BDXL discs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is an external Blu Ray drive worth it?

Internal discs offer superior speeds compared to external ones. However, they are not always available on smaller devices such as laptops. In that case, it is a good investment to purchase an external Blu-ray drive.

That way, you would be able to play your favorite media, convert, and store it easily without making changes to your system.

Q2. Do external DVD drives play Blu Ray?

Commonly, external drives do not play blu-ray. But these days, many blu-ray drives also support other formats.

Q3. What is the best external CD drive?

The LG BP60NB10 external Blu-ray drive is one of the best ones available on the market today. Not only is it slim, lightweight, and portable. But it also includes multiple high-tech features to provide you with additional functions.

Additionally, it can reduce noise while processing and can store your data for longer periods using the M-Disc.

Q4. How do I use an external Blu-Ray drive?

Most external drives connect to your PC or laptop through a USB port. Use a cable(sometimes included) to connect your drive with the PC and allow your computer to make the necessary installations and adjustments.

Once they are finished, you are good to go. Just keep in mind that some Blu-ray drives require an additional software download.

We hope you found what you were looking for on our list of the best external Blu-ray drives. Most PCs these days do not include optical drives, especially if you need to play blu-ray formats. That’s why we listed top-quality blu-ray external drives, so you can pick one that suits you best.