Storing blu ray discs on your PC is a fantastic option as it can eliminate the hassle of inserting disc every time, and you can stream them to watch on other devices too. But it is not a simple task. To do so, Blu-ray discs are ripped on the computer, and there are few ways to do it. One of the easiest and accessible ways to do it is by using MakeMKV and then reducing their size. Although it is easy, it’s not a short one. It will take a lot of patience and time to go through the whole procedure.

In the following article, we will discuss everything about the ripping of blu-rays on your computer.


All the basic components you need to burn your discs are

  1. MakeMKV
  2. Blu-ray discs drive
  3. handbrake

Blu-Ray Drive

Most computers are equipped with a DVD drive, but they cannot copy Blu-ray discs. A Dvd burner can not rip Blu-ray discs. Hence you have to buy a Blu-ray drive and connect it with your PC through a USB port. 


It is a free-burning software that is used in converting blu-ray CDs into an MKV file. The application available right now is a beta and but it is a very effective tool that extracts information from Blu-ray discs and saves it on your computer.


Handbrake is another freeware that helps to shrink the size of the MKV file. The blu-ray drive contains a lot of information, and when you rip it into an MKV file, it is 20-30 GB. This is a huge file, and sometimes the computer doesn’t have a lot of storage on the hard drive or will run slowly because of it. Thus reducing the size of the file by handbrake is your ultimate choice. The resulted compressed video file will work better and fast.

Ripping Blu-Ray

Now that you have all the basic requirements, you are all set to start your journey. But beware, it is a very agonizingly slow procedure.

Burning Into Mkv File

The first part is to rip the video file into the MKV file using the following steps.

Compressing the Size

All your ripped files are almost 20-30GB in size. They not only take huge space on your PC but also make your computer slow while starting or running other programs.

It is thus better to shrink these files and help your PC. There are a lot of software available for this purpose. Handbrake software is a free and easy way to do it.

The higher the resolution and quality, the more detailed are the special effects. So what quality you choose depends totally on how detailed and practical you want the movie to be. Action movies are not very exciting if their quality is not as good as they are designed to be high quality. On the other hand, simple comedy or romantic movies can be seen in low quality as well. Although the picture quality will be low, the drama and fun will still be there.

There are three predefined settings present in the software.

  1. SuperHQ and 1080p
  2. SuperHQ and 720p
  3. Very fast 720p 
  1. SuperHQ and 1080p

This is the highest quality and highest resolution. The movies converted into this quality will have the most detailed special effects and keep the video in its original form. This setting is best for action-filled movies like Transformers and Avengers.

  1. SuperHQ and 720p

This setting uses the highest quality video with a highly compressed resolution. But still, the video quality will not be bad as it is in Super HQ or HQ. If you shrink the movie into Vey fast1080p, the movie quality will be too bad. Thus lowering the resolution but maintaining the quality is still better. This setting is good with comedy and drama movies like pride and prejudice or any other low-budget movie.

  1. Vey fast 720p

This setting is of the lowest quality with the maximum compression of the file. If you don’t care about the quality and just want a small-sized movie file that will free up space on your computer, this is the setting you choose. It is good with a low budget and low rating movies like

Now just sit back, relax and enjoy your movie night. 

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Hooking up a Blu-ray player with tv is a costly affair, while a DVD player is affordable for everyone. But still, some people find movies on blu-ray more fun. So if you are one of them and don’t want to spend money, there is nothing wrong with ripping blu-ray movies and enjoy them on your computer screens. Ripping an entire series can be a time-consuming process, but it has its advantages. It saves money, frees up space from hard-drive and makes your PC work smoother.